A Collection Of Favourites

Here is a collection of work that I haven't yet had the chance to blog - there just aren't enough hours in a day lately! There's a bunch of personal w[...]

Street Photography: Jonte

I've been wanting to do street photography or street portraits for so long. It's exciting, spontaneous photography and it really forces you to get out[...]

Photowalk in Stockholm

Last weekend I was getting social with some local photographers in Stockholm. We went to Långholmen for a photowalk - a place I've somehow managed to [...]

A trip back home: Australia

We had been away for almost 3 years exactly. It felt great to be back, even for a 'short' visit. After an overnight stopover in Dubai, we spent 2 week[...]

Sarah & Quang: Pre-Wedding (preview)

Update: For the full post, go here! I spent a day with this couple a few weeks ago in Stockholm to photograph their pre-wedding shoot. A lot of fun[...]

Our Skepparholmen Getaway

It was a huge impulse move, but it was just what we needed to recharge a little bit...saunas, an infinity pool, yoga and good company. We'll be going [...]

Photography Topic - Calm

I've joined the Stockholm Expats Photography Meetup group recently and I'm starting to find the time to get active with their events. They also have r[...]

Eweline & Niklas : Wedding (preview)

Update: For the full post, go here! An amazing couple, a fantastic wedding and an incredible experience for a first-time wedding photographer! I ca[...]

6 months happily married <3

Yesterday I celebrated being married to this very special lady for 6 wonderful months. I'm the luckiest guy on earth! Here's to many more anniversarie[...]

Canon 24mm F3.5 ii Tilt Shift

I've always been curious about tilt shift lenses. They seem to get a bad wrap from a lot of people for being an 'expensive gimmick', but a lot of the [...]

Evelina & Javi : Portrait (preview)

Update: For the full post of Evelina & Javi's portrait shoot, please go here! Evelina & Javi are some good friends I've had (thanks Cecilia[...]

Cecilia : Portrait (preview)

Update: To see the full set of photos for Cecilia's portrait session, go here! Cecilia is my wife, my support, 2nd shooter, and helpful translator.[...]

Walks Around Stockholm

Some photos taken during my lunch break or after work. For a while I was really pro-active at doing this, and I should really do it more often, but I [...]

Vincent's Big Day : Baptism (preview)

For Vincent's full baptism post, please go here! Here it is. My first ever 'professional' photo shoot. The weather couldn't have been more perfect fo[...]

Weekend trip to Vaxholm

A few weekends ago, we decided to get more active in seeing Sweden - especially while the weather was good - and took a trip out to Vaxholm, a small t[...]