I read somewhere that every photographer needs a muse: someone who inspires them to keep shooting. For me, that someone happens to be my beautiful wife! This poor girl. I’ve lost count of the number of times that my camera has been that awkward ‘3rd wheel’ during our quiet nights at home. Luckily, Cecilia is extremely photogenic AND patient.

I’ve discovered how difficult it is to take posed portrait photos of people. It’s completely different from taking pictures when someone is distracted by an event going on around them. Directing people is particularly hard – you can see where I gave up in these photos and told Cecilia to ‘just stand there’ because I’d run out of ideas. Good times.

¬†Anyway, I’m really looking forward to doing more of these, so sign up now!

MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (1)MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (3)MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (4)MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (5)MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (6)MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (9)CeciliaPortraits_01MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (10)MikeManalac_CeciliaPortraits_ (11)