Some good friends of mine agreed to let me take their portraits last weekend, which is great – I need the practice! It was an overcast Autumn day, but we managed to make the most of it, dodge the rain (mostly) and get some pictures that I think they’ll be happy with. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

Maybe in some small way these guys are partly responsible for me getting interested in wedding photography in the first place. After all, I attended their wedding only a month after arriving in Sweden back in 2011, and I managed to get a few pics of their wedding then.

More portrait shooting tomorrow!

MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (1) MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (2) MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (3) MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (4) MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (5) MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (6) MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (7) MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (8)

..And this is their little man, Emilio!

MikeManalac_EvelinaJavi (9)